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Hoops Vr

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Free Throw Practice! | Hoops VR Gameplay (HTC Vive)

Experience basketball in a stunningly realistic way! Walk around and make epic shots in 5 different game modes:

- Practice: Throw as many balls as you like.
- HORSE: Two players make shots trying to beat the other. Best played with friends!
- HORSE Three Balls Variant: Same as HORSE but players get three attempts.
- Rapid Fire Time Trial: Try to score as much as possible within the time limit.
- Around the World: Go around the 3-point line on both sides.

What are you waiting for? Let’s shoot some hoops!

Press the action button to activate the powerbar.
Press the button again to shoot the ball.
Try curving the ball by tilting your head to the left or right!
You can also use a bluetooth joystick/mouse which uses a hold/release.
On the settings board you can map the button (tapping the screen also works for this reason).

We've worked hard to give you the best visual experience.

There are some options in the menu that can allow you to increase FPS on lower end devices.
Real-time reflections is visually stunning, but also a GPU taxing operation.
If your FPS is low please try turning it off.

Blurry vision, out of focus or cross-eyed images?
A lot of cardboard devices do not calibrate correctly, you might have to find a setting that works.

Luckily google has made this: https://www.google.com/get/cardboard/viewerprofilegenerator/
So that you can try out the calibration and generate a QR code for your glasses, alternatively google the name of your cardboard device + "calibration QR" and hope someone else did.

If you encounter any issues with your VR glasses, please make sure that it is calibrated correctly (compare to other cardboard VR applications).

Initial release